Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold?

The Answer

“This is a common question and a good one. Like many questions there are several answers and they all depend on the circumstances. If you have a condition for example in your attic where mold has grown due to lack of ventilation that can be caused by adding insulation and covering the vents in the overhangs, that is not generally covered. The exception is if you have a Mold rider on your homeowners policy. In that case most conditions are covered. It’s kind of the same with sump pump failures in a basement. You have to have a “Sump Pump Failure” rider on your policy just like you would cover jewelry or art work. The riders are not very expensive, for example a sump pump rider is generally an extra $100.00 to $150.00 a year. That is not much if you consider how much people are spending on basements these days.”

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